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BEWARE of  SUSPICIOUSLY CHEAP ENTERTAINMENT. Remember there are no do overs. Your guest will only remember a handful of details. Although every little detail is equally important when is the last time you remembered the chair covers or centerpieces of a wedding. On the other hand your guest will remember if they dance like crazy all night long or if they didn't. So before you ask how much you charge, ask these questions.  
Make Sure to Ask these Question's
(When Hiring your entertainment)
Q:Do you have a Contract and retainer fee?
A: YES Extreme Southern Productions will have a contract signed and a retainer fee to protect yourself and insure there is a legal binding document.
Q:  Do you have references?
A.) YES, Extreme Southern Productions will provide many references upon request and we have testimonials on this website as well.
Q.) Do you provide a plan for emergencies, do you have back up equipment?
A.) YES, Extreme Southern Productions will provide backup equipment everything down to speakers, music, even clothing in case of a wardrobe malfunction.
Q.) Do you have a consultation before the event to set up our special day?
A.) YES Extreme Southern Productions provides 1 consultation for free to go over music, paperwork and contracts before the event.
Q.) Ask yourself this question- Did they ask you how YOU see your special event going, what is YOUR vision?
A.) YES Extreme Southern Productions will always want your opinions and visions. Your input is the golden tool for our company. We want to reach every one of your dreams and in order to do this a company has to know what those dreams are.
Q.) Will you arrive early to setup and conduct sound checks?
A.) YES Extreme Southern Productions will arrive 2-3hrs early to conduct sound checks and make adjustments. (We do not charge setup fees)
Q.) Do you provide a Master Of Ceremonies to make the event flow smoothly and keep everything organized?
A.) YES Extreme Southern Productions will provide a Master of Ceremonies and you have the option of that MC being tranquil or outgoing.
Q.) Do we have the option to pick the songs played and can guests make request?
A.) YES with Extreme Southern Productions you have the option to be as creative with music as want to, with  or without our expertise. It is your event and once hired we work for you. However, we do like to help make sure you have a night to remember so we recommend our help in making SOME decisions. Yes, your guests can request songs as long as you approve that in our consultation.
Other helpful information to keep in mind when hiring an entertainment company is:
-Will we be able to see the appearance of the DJ/MC and the equipment? (You spend a lot of time and money on the appearance of your wedding, the last thing you want is any vendor that doesn't take pride in their appearance.)
- The Entertainment Company isn't just for music, They control the flow of the whole event to ensure you enjoy and have the best memories that you can. The DJ/MC can make a $30,000 wedding feel like a $30,000 wedding or they can make that $30,000 wedding feel like a $300 wedding.
- As I said above Beware of suspiciously cheap entertainment it can cost you more than just the cost of the DJ . There are many companies out there now that are contracting out other DJ's and the issue with this is you never know what you are going to get, if they even show up. I'm not suggesting to pay for the most expensive company you can find, but if you ask the questions above this will help you make a decision on a company that will provide a top notch service, and the decision will not be strictly based on price.