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Meet the Crew

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Shannon Edds Owner DJ, Emcee, Coordinator, Itinerary Specialist, 


Greetings. Since 2009, I've been weaving musical magic at weddings across Kentucky, Indiana, and beyond. Having serenaded countless couples, my beats have echoed from state to state, creating unforgettable moments. Meet the maestro behind the decks: a family man with a beautiful wife, Melissa, and two budding DJs in the making—Ethan and Presley. Beyond the turntables, my heart belongs to family moments, whether it's hunting, fishing, boating, or a friendly game of cornhole. Passionate about my craft, I've honed my skills through seminars and training across the USA. From MEX to Wedding Wire World, Wedding MBA to Marquee Chicago Conventions, I'm dedicated to staying ahead of the musical curve. Let's embark on a sonic journey together—I'm here to earn your trust and turn your visions into melodic reality.

Melissa Edds DJ, Secretary, Itinerary Specialist, Sales

*Meet DJ Melissa: The Beat Weaver Behind the Scenes* Hey there! I'm DJ Melissa, the maestro orchestrating the magic behind Extreme Southern Productions. As the go-to gal for everything behind the scenes, I wear many hats – from being a social media guru to a sales and itinerary specialist. Beyond the beats, my heart belongs to my lovely family: my husband, Shannon, and our two kiddos, Ethan and Presley. When not immersed in the musical realm, you'll find us boating, camping, or embarking on memorable vacations together. Outside of ESP, I run my own Scentsy business, infusing spaces with delightful fragrances. I find immense joy in helping our clients on their magical journey, ensuring every note and scent creates an enchanting experience. Let's craft unforgettable moments together!

Gary Boggs DJ, Emcee, Indianapolis Market


Meet DJ/Emcee Gary Boggs, a cornerstone of Extreme Southern Productions (ESP) since 2014. Originally hailing from Sparta, TN, Gary has embraced Indiana since 2011. Partnered with his wife Tracy, they're nurturing a lively brood of five, ranging from 1 to 16 years old. Beyond the turntables, Gary juggles the role of Operations Manager at a 3rd Party logistics company. A family man at heart, he delights in sports events with the kids, family vacations, strumming the guitar, singing, and contributing to FCA Motocross camps. Not just your average DJ, Gary is the leading man steering ESP's ship in the Indianapolis and Cincinnati markets. With a commitment to injecting fun and enthusiasm into your special night, he's here to ensure your events are not only memorable but also filled with joy and lasting impressions.


Destiney Jones Emcee,  DJ, Assistant, Itinerary Specialist 

Greetings, future friends! I'm Destiney Jones, and I proudly joined the finest crew in January 2021 as a DJ assistant, currently training to become an MC. I'm thrilled about the journey ahead! My true joy as a DJ lies in uniting crowds through songs and moments on those significant days in your life. Expect me to smile, laugh, dance, and perhaps shed a tear or two from the sweet joy of celebrations. Your special day is my canvas, and I'm dedicated to ensuring every detail, from the mood to the dance floor, aligns with your vision. Outside the world of beats and melodies, I wear the hats of a wife and a mother to three spirited boys. When not immersed in DJ-ing, you'll find me relishing family time and witnessing my boys embark on new experiences. Let's make your day unforgettable together!

Shawn Spayd  DJ, Assistant, Itinerary Specialist 


Greetings party enthusiasts! I've been in the DJ scene since 2017, committed to transforming your events into unforgettable experiences. When I'm not rocking the turntables, you'll catch me cheering passionately for KY sports and proudly standing by the Dallas Cowboys in the realm of football. Let's collaborate to make your celebration a rhythm-filled journey that echoes with the beats of joy and lasting memories. Are you ready to groove?

David Burnham Emcee,  DJ, Assistant, Itinerary Specialist 

Greetings, I'm David Burnham, professionally known as DJ Dave. In marital bliss with my wife, Alisha, and blessed with a beautiful daughter, Sophie, I am deeply passionate about music and the art of creating memorable experiences. My journey into the world of DJing began when discovered on the dance floor, showcasing my skills to "Barbie Girl" under the watchful eye of Shannon and the crew. Beyond the turntables, my family and I enjoy the serenity of camping alongside our cherished pets. As a dedicated professional, my mission at every wedding and event is to ensure that each attendee departs having experienced the pinnacle of enjoyment. Let's collaborate to craft moments that linger in the memories of all who attend.

Adriana Emcee,  DJ, Assistant, Itinerary Specialist 

Meet Adriana, a dedicated DJ blending family, dance, and beats. Since 2018, she's been rocking the scene with Extreme Southern Productions. When not behind the decks, she's sharing joyful moments with her daughter Jaylin and husband Cody. Adriana's passion for music and people creates an unforgettable experience on and off the dance floor. Join her as she spins stories through sound.

Jared Saylor  DJ, Officiant, Assistant 

Hey there, party enthusiasts! I've been spinning tunes with this fantastic company since 2019, and let me tell you, it's been a blast! I'm not just your average DJ—I'm the Director of DJs, orchestrating unforgettable experiences for karaoke, birthday parties, fundraisers, and festivals. My mission is to infuse every event with an extra dose of excitement and joy. Passionate about having fun, I bring a dynamic energy to the dance floor. Let's turn your celebration into a symphony of laughter and good vibes. Trust me to curate the perfect soundtrack for your memorable moments!

Amber Nalley  DJ, Officiant, Assistant 

Crafting Musical Moments Since 2016* Hey there! I've been spinning tunes at ESP since 2016, and it's been an absolute blast! In 2021 I became ordained and have joyfully officiated a few weddings. Beyond the beats, I have a full-time job and a passion for gardening. Married since 2011, my husband and I are navigating the adventure of parenthood with our quickly growing littles and a couple of mutts. I'm thrilled at the prospect of celebrating your special day with you, creating a musical tapestry that will make your moments unforgettable. Let's make magic together!

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